Facebook page news auto-poster

So you have learned a bit about machine learning and web crawling. Now you are excited to build something simple yet still useful. What can you make? Here is one idea. Let’s say you managed a Facebook Page for your business or community and want to regularly post relevant news or articles from the internet….

Training NER model using Stanford Core NLP CRF Classifier

Download latest Stanford Core NLP suite from https://stanfordnlp.github.io/CoreNLP/ Prepare files: Training dataset. List of word tokens annotated with their Named-Entity class (eg. PERS for Person entity). Example: jane-austen-emma-ch1.tsv Training properties. Training cofiguration properties for a CRF classifier (eg. input file(s), output file, features .etc). Example: jane-austen.prop Test dataset. Similar to training dataset but with different…