SIS 771/671 VGA driver on Xubuntu 18.04 LTS

Dedicated for fellow fighters who relentlessly search for an answer on reviving old notebooks with cursed SIS Mirage 3+ 771/671 on-board VGA driver by installing shiny Xubuntu 18.04 LTS (the latest LTS when this article was written). Simply download this tar.gz file, extract 3 files (,, xorg.conf), then copy them to respected locations:

  • /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/
  • /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/
  • /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Restart then enjoy! đŸģ

Tested on Xubuntu 18.04 X.Org

In case you are wondering, I decided to revive this old machine simply because it is my very first notebook that I bought with my own money. Well, to be exact I borrowed my parent’s money, then repaid it within few months using my tiny salary. Despite of its unpopular brand and horrible graphic card, it’s still working fine & physically looks mint after 10+ years đŸĨ°


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6 months ago

Did not work. After restart: black screen and cursor.

P.S sorry my english is bad. 😀

5 months ago

Works fine one a Esprimo V5535 with Mint 19.2 Thanks a lot!

3 months ago

My laptop is axioo neon with [SiS] 771/671 PCIE VGA Display Adapter (rev 10) and xubuntu os, is it work ?

1 month ago

Permisi Pak, saya di XFCE berbasis Ubuntu 18.04 LTS juga, dengan Xorg 1.20. Sayang, ketika saya berhasil instal drivernya, setelah direboot tidak muncul hasil yang diharapkan. Malah resolusinya kembali menjadi 800×600 dengan tulisan FAILED: sisimedia setelah nama driver saya.

Akhirnya saya balik kembali ke Vesa, 1024×720 tapi refresh ratenya 0 Hz. Rada menyedihkan sih, mungkin Bapak ada solusinya?